I had a bunch of pre-ArtCenter doodles, sketches, miscellaneous files, and other ideas in various stages of completion that were kind of lying around. While I was in school I decided to put all of that stuff together in a zine and made a fair amount of progress on it before classes got too hectic for me to continue working on it. The thing probably would have gotten done pretty quickly if the captions hadn't mutated into lots of rambling about music.

The zine was printed on my Risograph printer, which I currently only have 2 colors for, black and red.

I haven't made very many of these zines, so I'm not ready to have them available for sale on this site. Until then, feel free to check it out here since it's a lot easier to read as a PDF than it is in the gallery on this page.


My Risograph model only prints one color at a time, which can lead to some off-register prints that can end up looking really interesting. There's also a rough quality to the way some of the images turn out that I really dig. 


And I also made a playlist/soundtrack for this thing, because why the hell not? The Blink-182 and MXPX tracks are only in there for context and are totally skippable.