eric valdez

Instructions that were included with the Lego sets I had as a child were rarely used. Instead of trying to recreate what was depicted on the package, I dumped the Legos in a bucket with pieces from other sets before pulling pieces out and getting down to business. Vehicles and structures that I had thoughtfully assembled were somewhat influenced by their intended forms, but were mostly my own interpretation of the way the pieces should be assembled. 

The way that I approach design is very similar to the way that I played with Legos. These days my bucket is the world around me. Instead of pieces from different sets, I now methodically combine seemingly disparate cultural elements from different eras, analog and digital medias, images, and ideas from collaborators to create work that is familiar enough to connect with audiences, but is also distinctive.

I also have great taste in music, know more about Batman than most people, and dig standing in line for pop-up events.




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  @ericdvaldez  Likes: 67, Comments: 2

@ericdvaldez Likes: 67, Comments: 2