misc. videos

Sometimes I get bored and make videos to amuse myself. Sometimes those videos end up on social media. Sometimes, because of the videos that end up on social media, I get hired to make stuff for others, which is extremely gratifying since it ends up being a lot of fun.

A still from a French new wave flick, L'Insoumis, was used for the cover of my 2nd favorite Smiths album, The Queen is Dead. It's my 2nd favorite Smiths album because Strangeways, Here We Come is the album I listened to before typing this.

A while back I made some 8-bit Smiths fan art based on the video for their song “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” and then I came across an 8-bit cover of that song, so I made this.

Made with bad '80s clip art, old ads, and old comics.

After I posted the previous video, East Los Musubi reached out to me and hired me come up with something that could be use on Instagram to promote Cyber Monday apparel sale.

25 Likes, 5 Comments - Eric Valdez (@ericdvaldez) on Instagram: "My homie @chefadam12 saw a dorky little video that I made and asked me to throw something together for @eastlosmusubi. Some of the things he mentioned were anime, skateboarding, ‘80s, and punk rock, so that’s what he got. I still don’t know how I remembered the skating and surfing animals from Adventures of the Little Koala from back in the day on Nickelodeon.”

This was intended to be one of those sharable 600x600 Facebook videos. It was quickly thrown together to commemorate the anniversary of a significant album. I'm currently working on an actual logo for episode 2.

Ok, so here's the thing: a few days ago I was all, like, “VIVA HATE is turning 30 this week? I have opinions...I should make a thing.” This was supposed to be done on Wednesday the 14th, the actual anniversary, but then I started working on a project for a client and put this aside for a bit. Btw, I couldn’t get the fancy podcast mic that I just got to work right and stopped caring about how the narration would sound because I’m not an audio engineer. So with all that out of the way, here are some hot takes on Morrissey’s debut solo album, Viva Hate.

These four animations are for a work-in-progress augmented reality enhancement of a zine that I recently finished.

A band that I'm an off-and-on member of decided to play a show, so I made a video flyer for my bandmates and I to promote the gig on Facebook and Instagram.