Misc. videos

Hi Mad Decent, these are some small animated videos that I've made recently.

These first two things are for an augmented reality  app experience that I'm in the process of developing to enhance a zine I recently completed. The first one is still a work in progress and doesn't have audio yet.


This is something I put together for fun after digging through a stack of '80s clip art and old Transformers comics.

That led to something I put together for a show that friends of mine were playing. Once again, I found a use for the Transformers comics.

After that video was posted on Instagram, a catering pop up company contacted me about putting something together for them. The client wanted something with an anime and skate punk vibe. That came together pretty quickly since I was able to immediately recall the intro for an old cartoon and find an entire episode on YouTube with a lot of useable footage.